Whats this new dumb argument about F2P games vs P2P

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People are now saying that F2P games are rip of cause you gotta pay two win and that people end up spending much more. Ummm i've been playing Aion and i haven't spent one dime on online market shop that it has for advance gear or weapons.  Its the most dumbest arguement i ever heard. Im level 20 in the game and im enjoying the game buy itself just buying with the in game currency.  With DC universe it was the same why do people need to have a rush to be the best and the most fing strongest character in the game. Just enjoy the free 2 play game for what it is don't rush it and play it originally whats the point and challenge if you buy all the awesome gear just to show off your friends.  

Another person brought up the recent free to play lawsuit with facebook cause the parent didn't watch her son.  Its stupid everyones saying that free 2 play games leech you into buying things on purpose like a pop up comes on and saids oops y ou just bought this. click here to pay.    Educate your child for crying out loud or take out the information.  Its free 2 play for gods sake its not like comcast who don't know how to fix your crap when they f up your internet.