Not very impressive.

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Thought i'd give it a whirl seeing as how its F2P, worst installation experience ive had so far from an f2p mmo. download is very large the client doesn't auto configure itself correctly so I then had to look online to find the solution which was to simply change the region of the client to N.America, otheriwse it wouldn't connect to the accounts server. If the first thing you have to do with an mmo is search online for a way to makeit work, you know you got problems.

Character customisation was extensive and varied, and the character models look great, sadly thats all that can be said for it. Gameplay is boring and predictable, combat is slow and not very challenging. The quests and setting were really bland and generic. 

Yeah i'd give this one a miss, if an mmo cant offer a decent hook at the beginning then you don't really want to invest enough into it to see what its like at end game to be honest.