Age ow Wushu

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Can't wait to play it.. Amazing idea and very nice job..

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Beta is not out yet, we will just have to wait

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Looks interesting though the graphics too seem a bit old school.  Will it be free to play ?

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Yes, almost certain of it.

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Wouldn't bother its garbage, I wanted to like it I really did the setting seemed cool, its as close as you are going to get to crouching tiger flying ninjas at present, but its a terribly tedious game.

The combat is so agonizingly slow, if they had gotten that right I could have forgiven its other numerous flaws, but its definitely one for the recycle bin.

It tries to fool you into thinking the game has depth by making the ui and character progression display system overly complex but it doesn't really work the whole thing just screams "GRIND" at you from the off, not to mention one of the first things the game does is tell you how you cans pend your money, obvious cash cow is obvious cash cow. 

I can't even begin to describe how insanely dull it is, the developers must have been working on the premise that the game will be fun from a PvP perspective only, they were wrong. 

Just do yourself a favour and leave this one to the farmers and spambots, which are in evidence all over the place.

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Oh, I thought it would be a nice MMORPG, since I kinda like chinese kungfu stories.. Just installed it from the website, will give it a try tonight