Whatever you do don't listen to the guys giving this game a high score !! This game is broken beyond repair. Read more.

User Rating: 4 | Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales PC
Like I said in the warning !! I have bought this game from the store and quite fast this game has a very poor gameplay. Trust me the poor gameplay is not the worst of your stories. This game gives you lot of freedom to allow you to do whatever you like, yet the biggest problem in this game is the bugs. It is just impossible to play it crashes every 5 mins at later points as the game progresses. Then the savegame gets corrupted for some reason and you can start all over again. This game is only nice when you have Alzheimer or something and forget your repeating yourself all the time !!! If you start looking on the internet you will find some nice stories about Akella and their previous games I am suprised that they are still allowed to release games. They are just 1 big fat scam pls trust me on this.