Absolutely fun! if you like a challenge this one is it. The Graphics are great and easy to work with. It is awesome.

User Rating: 10 | Age of Mythology: Gold Edition PC
I live to play it through and change difficulty level and play it again adding twists and challenges as I go. You can spend hours upon hours of fun if your a player who likes to challenge yourself and the game. Try it with all your Age OF (whatever) games and catch the fun! If you are one of those who bore easily; then challenge the way you play the game and then challenge the game. You can make up new maps to deliver an amazing new type of battles and living. I made up a map with both Amazonian, United States, North and South poles. Awesome is all I can say. I am looking forward to more Age of games from Microsoft and its partner companies. They know games and that is no bull. Maybe they will come up with more Age games that they haven't thought of yet. I would be first in line to get them. My opinion is: If you are looking for a game that is interesting and full of gaming twists then look into Age of Mythologies Gold Edition. You will get completely hooked and will look and beg for more. Demand is a harsh word but that will be in your vocabulary when you finely want to catch the NEXT add-on. I am now moving onto the Neptune part of the game and I am excited to be doing so. Trident and all.