Truly one of the greatest games I have ever played

User Rating: 10 | Age of Mythology: Gold Edition PC
I got this game when I was very young, like 12 years old or so. I played it everyday for a long time and it was easily my favorite game of all time. Since then the gaming world has obviously changed massively, and since then I have dropped off from playing it. As a matter of fact its been several years since I even downloaded it onto a computer. But now I am rediscovering it and it truly has stood the test of time like no other game.

Everything about this game I loved. The campaign is long and involved. Each step is interesting and challenging. But what I love most about it is that there are endless things to do once you have finished playing the campaign which is one thing that few games can say.

Even now that the game has seemingly gotten old it still has a singular feel to it when you play it. The maps are cool, the races are cool, the things you can do are awesome and the titans are great. This is one game that you can get and never stop playing which is the mark of a truly great game.