Probably the best expansion pack ever.

User Rating: 9 | Age of Mythology: The Titans PC
game-play{10}: game-play is awesome just like AOM .there are new units for every race which are named titans .titans are very powerful and hard to destroy .you can beat your weak enemies by titans in no time.there is a new race: Atleantean. they are oddly powerful and very expensive. leader of them is Kastor the son of the Arkantos, the AOM hero.when you are playing with this race only focus on winning.

graphics{8}: graphics didn't change very much .but some effects like water and light are better.

sounds and musics{9}:Atlantic music is good.sounds and talking of the characters are real nice.great like other parts.

value{9}:this is a major expansion for AOM fans.if you enjoyed AOM don't lose this expansion .this will remind you good old times. actually, it is because of this expansion pack that I consider AOM one of the best games I have ever played.