User Rating: 8.9 | Age of Mythology PC
I just recently re-installed it and the fun was still there. The graphics still hold up well. I miss the ability to have alot of units on screen like in AOE, but the fact that each race is completely different is a great feature. Each of the 3 sides like I said play differently, which I think gives great replay ability. The whole resource gathering this is still there, as with 99% of all RTS's, but this time it also seems to get in the way of gameplay when you can't create new units until you find more gold. Gold seems to be the most precious commodity in the game (from what I have seen), and there never seems to be enough. The maps are kind of limited, but they can still be a great diversion from the single player game, which in itself is a very fun story. I think that if you like any RTS, or any RTS from Ensemble Studios, you will love AOM.