Age of Mythology is the definitive RTS for both newcomers and veterans alike.

User Rating: 9.8 | Age of Mythology PC
I remember the first time I played Age of Mythology. It was only the second RTS game I had played and I wasn’t all that impressed. My friends had told me it was a bit of a disappointment. Luckily, I decided to give it another shot and I’ve been hooked ever since. Age of Mythology is one of those rare games where every aspect of the game has been taken into account. The production quality on everything from the 3-D engine, music composition, story writing, voiceovers, and game design are first-rate. As with all reviews, take this one with a grain of salt. This is one of my favorite games of all-time and chances are it probably won’t live up to what I write unless you’re a big fan of fast paced strategy games and ancient mythology, enjoy online multiplayer and have time to learn the how to play (which takes a bit longer than say, a run and gun game like Halo.) Gameplay – Age of Mythology is take everything learned about RTS game in the past, and makes a basic RTS Gameplay system that is both complex in its lower levels and simple enough for rookies to have fun (like me, at first.) The biggest fans of the game are normally fans of the fast paced, small army, and economically driven style gameplay, though. Graphics – To put it blankly the environments and units in Age of Mythology were meticulously crafted. The game plays out in full 3-D environments which if you take into account over 100 units could be fighting on the screen at the same time, you’ll understand. In addition, once you play the game for a while and see all the effects (fire, water, lightning, lighting, living animals, tornadoes, meteors and more) you’ll really be amazed – even by today’s standards Sound – Without winning any awards, creating chilling sound effects or playing such a key role as sound has in some past games Age of Mythology’s score and sound effects are surprisingly high quality. Value – Age of Mythology provides a surprisingly long campaign that will take (estimating here) around 20 hours to complete. After that, you’ll have plenty of fun playing online multiplayer with the tons of scenarios or by just using the match-making system to get into a game really quick. Of course, if you prefer random maps the AI is respectable and selection of maps provided will keep you busy for some time. Overall, if you like RTS games, mythology, or just want a really well made game I highly recommend picking up Age of Mythology (don’t confuse this with The Titans, with I highly condemn.)