User Rating: 8.2 | Age of Mythology PC
Age of Mythology is probably the best RTS game yet made. The three sides each feel completely different, and the different combinations of major and minor gods make the factions highly customizable. If the game has a major weakness, it is that the first five minutes or so of each game is basically a development optimization contest, and you are not likely to have an even match against any players but those who fall in your precise level of development speed. Still, it is when these evenly matched battles occur that this game shines. When you and an opponant battle for an hour or more, usine strategy and counter-strategy, pushing back and forth across the board, you will truly feel what RTS magic can be. I particularly enjoy playing the Norse, -usually as Loki. I like to demoralize my opponants early by encircling their starting base with towers. Then I re-enforce and fortify near all their secondary gold supplies. Sometimes players who are actully good enough to beat me will simply quit when they find themselves in this situation. I liked this game better that Warcraft III because I thought the emphasis on super-powerful heroes was taken to a silly extreme in WCIII. I don't plan on buying the Titan expansion for the same reason.