RTS at it's best

User Rating: 10 | Age of Mythology PC
Ensemble studios has brought us a game that is the best strategy game has been ever made in my opinion .the game-play is solid and lots of units are available. mythical units are very nice and choosing the minor gods is fun and adds more to the depth .the campaign is very good and diverse and lengthy .music and sound effects are beautiful and heart warming .you can battle through the waters with ships and water myth units. this is one of the most memorable games I ever came across. although it was a bit shadowed by warcraft III which was released in the same year, but that doesn't change anything. AOM is one of the most memorable games ever.

about races:
there are three races in the game: Greece, Egypt and Norse. every race has 3 basic gods and 9 minor gods. when you go through an age two minor gods become available to select. some basic gods have an especial minor god. like Hel for Loki and aren't available for other gods.

list of basic gods:
Greece: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon
Egypt: Set, Ra, Isis
Norse: Odin, Loki, Thor