Six years and still hasn't lost it's touch!

User Rating: 10 | Age of Mythology PC
I can't believe this game is six years old; the graphics and game play are still smooth, and everything about the game engine works well. To me it's one of those games where no matter how many times you think you've played it through, you can create a new random map and experience it all again (unlike Age of Empires). Well, that's not being fair. You CAN do that on Age of Empires, but it' just not the same as having legions of archers and spear men attack massive walled cities with a raging meteor shower to back you up. In this type of strategy game, I find the usage of medieval weapons is much more satisfactory than gunpowder and rifles, when you finally get down to sending them of to war. Going back to an earlier comment, i think Age of Mythology is much better than Age of Empires III. Obviously the graphics are more prolific than those of Age of Mythology, but nothing spectacular. They haven't done any significant improvement in the five or so years in between. And I just feel the game play was more creative and original in Age of Mythology than Age of Empires. The Age of Empires series has always had it's glitches and imperfections, and the newest one is no exception. Have you ever tried saving one of your skirmish matches, then loading it sometime later to finish it? You end up loading your home city the way it was at that time as well. So if you had played a few more games and then felt like going back to finish it off, you become stuck with your home city level how it was back then. But now I'm just turning this review into a rant. In my opinion, this is the greatest real-time strategy game to date. Apart from the Titans expansion, the lack of a sequel kind of vexed me, so I guess they just thought, well, we got it right the first time, why mess it up?