User Rating: 8.5 | Age of Mythology: The Titans PC
I basically agree with the gamespot review for this one... except with their assessment of the blandness of the atlanteans. i found that the atlanteans were indeed a unique civilization that took an entirely different kind of playing style ot master. Lets face it... all of the civilizations are basically the same once you get to the third age. All of the civ-specific advantages really only come into play in the first two ages. The initial resource gathering for the atlanteans is quite different than that of the other civs in the game. gamespot professes that this is "easier" and "less complicated" than with other civilizations. I don't agree, but would say that it's different, just as all the other civs are different. The norse aren't more difficult to play with, they're just different from the greeks (the most standard civ for vet RTSers). I think that this series was done a great job with making the civs play completely differently... not necessarily easier or harder than another... but differently. The addition of the atlanteans is no exception. In fact, the different major gods in the atlantean pantheon are more various than in the other civs. Oranos is very different to play than gaia or cronos. much more so than set and ra. I really liked the setup of the atlanteans, and not because they're "easier" but because they play significantly different than the other civs, which is one of the big developments between aoe and aom. my complaint... the single player campaign is only 12 missions long and took just a week to complete on the hard difficulty level. I was hoping for a bit more lengthy single player campaign.