User Rating: 8 | Age of Mythology PC
There is one thing that i have to say about this game: If only. If only they could've made units a little bigger (i mean honestly every time i try to play i can't figure out if somethings a freakin' villager or an archer). If only I had enjoyed AOE:2 more than I had liked Starcraft or WC2. I also have to say that if you prefer Age of Empires over blizzard rts' this isn't really going to help you out. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people and right now if its between WC:FT vs. AOM warcraft wins pretty easily. Gameplay: Pretty standard, keeps the same basic ages gameplay. Graphics: They're okay, I just wished they had made units more distinguishable. Sound: The sound is decent, music is good for a mythology game. Tilt: If you prefer Age games over SC/WC then get this. Otherwise WC3 or especially FT is better for you.