Age of Mythology: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

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    Press enter then type the following.

    Effect Effect
    JUNK FOOD NIGHT +1000 food
    ATM OF EREBUS +1000 gold
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE +1000 wood
    MOUNT OLYMPUS Fills favor
    ATLANTIS REBORN Gives heros from expansion campaign
    ZENOS PARADOX Gives random god powers (including atlantean)
    BAWK BAWK BOOM Gives you a "chicken meteor" god power
    O CANADA Gives you a bear with a lazer
    WUV WOO Gives you a flying purple hippo
    TINES OF POWER Gives you a forkboy
    GOATUNHEIM Gives you a god power which turns all units into goats
    TITANOMACHY Gives you a Titan.
    FEAR THE FORAGE Gives you a walking berry bushes power
    ISIS HEAR MY PLEA Gives you all heros from original AoM campaign
    DIVINE INTERVENTION Gives you all used god powers back
    PANDORAS BOX Gives you four random god powers
    WRATH OF THE GODS Gives you lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, and tornado god powers
    MR. MONDAY Godly AI
    IN DARKEST NIGHT Makes game time night
    TINFOIL HAT Randomizes the ownership of every unit on the map
    L33T SUPA H4X0R Rapid building
    SET ASCENDANT Reveals all the animals on the map
    LAY OF THE LAND Reveals the map
    CHANNEL SURFING Skip to the next scenario in the campaign
    CONSIDER THE INTERNET Slows down game
    LETS GO! NOW! Speeds up game
    RED TIDE Turns water into blood
    RESET BUTTON Unbuilds All Buildings On the Map
    THRILL OF VICTORY Win the game

    Contributed by: Quolnok, Typh 

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