Good replay value to repay your investment!

User Rating: 9.5 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
A mini Age of Mythology in your handheld! What's not to like about that? Well in fact, there are a few things, some with good reason and some unknown.

Limited. Though It has a fairly wide range of units to play with, it's still not enough. But come on, considering the memory of the DS, it shouldn't surprise anyone. There are some units on campaign mode that are unavailable to make in any of the three mythologies. I don't know if it's at the maximum, but still a few more units would've totally eliminated this flaw for many players.

Single save slot. Only ONE save slot? Are you kidding me? no explanations are needed here. I believe at least two should be the standard.

AI Bugs. The AI obviously has a huge wealth advantage for some reason. This is a minor issue though, as players still win with a good strategy. Settings inaccessible during play at times and player profile is screwed up. In my case, it said that my favorite unit was the Valkyrie, but in fact, it should've been the Fire Giant and I rarely use Hatsepshut as a hero, but this is what appears on my profile, so I don't know what's up with that.

Turn-based. Many RTS fans will be put off by this. But as said, with good reason. You do not have hotkeys on a DS and it isn't made for fast unit selections, let alone fast navigation on a huge map.

Extremely Good Replay Value. This is a type of game you'll love to play on short or even long trips or even just at home. If you got tired of playing it, expect to pick this game again after two months or so in the shelves. Going head-to-head with another human player adds more replayability as two games would never be the same.

Great Graphics. For a handheld game, it has gorgeous graphics, especially on the battle animations.

Great Musical Score. The background music and sound effects are perfect for the game! It sounds epic.

If you have a DS and wants a good strategy game for it, go ahead and grab this game!