A long challanging game worth playing.

User Rating: 9 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
OK first of all this game is not like the computer game much. It is a turn Based game that is a little addicting. If you are good at it then it is very addicting. In the Egypt campaign (which I am still tring to beat) is easy then gets challenging at the end. There is three main tribes to choose from:the Egyptians, the Greek, and the Norse. It also seems as if there is a 4th tribe for the end. You start out with a town center to build builders who build building to train troops, get resources(to use to build and train), and improve your stuff. Then you try to destroy the enemy's buildings and troops and win the war. There are also other modes where you try to capture the temple and keep it for a certain amount of time and in campaign there are sometimes special missions. The overall game is good, it as OK graphics, and it takes a while to beat. This is a must buy for stratagey game lovers.