Could this be a great strategy on DS?

User Rating: 9 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
Thankyou in advance for reding this review. To begin I heard of this game far before it's release. It was to use Ensembles award winning game engine which was used in Age of Empires: The Age of Kings. It was a fantastic engine. Could the new game use it well? Yes, although slower then other turn-by-turn games, like Advance Wars, the graphics and mostly gripping gameplay will have you returning to this game for a long time.

The campaign is devided into three parts. The first using the Egyptian civilization, the second using the Greeks, then (my favourite) the Norse. The civilizations closely resemble those used in Age of Mythology for the PC. But why wouldn't they copy this excellent layout? I myself am a big fan of AoM for the PC. All story-lines relate to actual events in history which gives the game a good foundation.

Moving on to graphics and sound. The graphics in this game are quite astonishing for the DS. Although, probably the only downside, When ingaged in mass combat and many characters are on the main screen. It becomes a bit hard to determine which character you are selsecting. But this can easily be solved by eradicating those pesky enemy troops. Most of the sounds in this game are either similar or copied from the PC version. Don't get me wrong, these sounds are of high quality. The soundtrack matches which civilization you are playing. This soundtrack gives the game a sense of perfection.

Out of 100%... I have decided to give this game a score of.... 92%. Excellent gameplay, a long and challenging story, great graphics and a sound track to match. Purely amzing...