Great all around, few problems - one of top 5 must haves for strategy gamers on DS.

User Rating: 8.5 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
Played the other Age games, all the way through and more than once. Enjoyed them all. This was seemed a disappointment at first. But I just keep playing it. The Myth units and God selections, with special God Powers (invoked once) just add so much variety! Most of the problems are just a matter of the restrictions of the DS sized platform. I wish the campaign had been longer, but this edition has plenty of extra missions in scenarios and skirmish modes. Skirmish lets you setup 1-4 player game where you pick the map and all player setups (race, deity, color, etc.). Good balance overall.

Only REAL complaint is the AI is not quite tough enough- at Hard mode for example enemy spearmen STILL pass up plenty of opportunities to attack your cavalry. Seems like that kind of basic target selection should have been easy to program.

Highly recommended if you like strategy games, the Advance Wars series, Civilization, Risk, Chess, etc.