one of the best game rts good looking aoe 3 the new battle and new units so ilike this game igive it is amazing

User Rating: 10 | Age of Empires III PC
Well, the next great AoE III are the explorer, natives and treasures. You start every game with an explorer (well some civilizations also get extra scouts). Your explorer is one of the most important units throughout the game. Early on he will be used for exploring, getting treasures and building trade posts. Trade posts serve two purposes – (1) they can be built on a trade route to generate XP and then upgraded later to deliver resources and (2) Build them in a native village and ally with the natives. Allying with natives is a big advantage as they don’t cost pop. Also, native units are strong and available to be produced as soon as you reach the Colonial age. Natives also provide various improvements that may benefit you like more cavalry hit points or faster training. They are strong enough for someone to execute a strategy based on natives. They also prove an excellent addition to your army. Treasures also become quite important early on and getting some of them gives your start a major boost. When you reach Age4 your explorer gets the ability to kill any unit with one hit (it takes some time to recharge though). Use your deck cards rightly and you explorer could be a super unit in the later ages. Oh yeah, he is also the only unit with the ability to build more Town Centers.

so ilove this game and ihope u too ....