Part Duex of Age of Empires Duex doesn't suck.

User Rating: 8.8 | Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion PC
:Good Idea:
·The best thing about this expansion is the fact that you don't have to search for some lonely peasant running around in a tree. You now can hit a key and it will idle the villagers, which is a time saver.
·A few really good campain levels that are fun if you're not madly addicted to the multiplayer.
·The new races just add much more to an already perfect gaming experience. Namely, Indians.

:Bad Idea:
·Besides that, there's not much more to the expansion. A few new units, races, tweaks. Believe me though, they're worth it.
·The deer don't invade your camp and kill the workers.
·AI is still dumb when it comes to continent islands.

·If you have Age of Empires II, this is the expansion you must get so you can experience a truly great game. This really completes the AOE2.