Can my computer run this game?

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I want to play Age of Empires again, but I'm not sure if my computer is capable of running it. I would be playing it on a Dell Inspiron laptop.

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for the love of god install it and find out, the only issues would be laptop quirks pos graphics issues, and obv youll need an actual mouse for proper play

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Yup, best thing to do is install it and see if it works. However.... if you like older games do as I did. Build yourself a "retro" PC. Many people just throw a lot of great stuff away because they've upgraded and will be happy to give you old junk for free. I've managed to build two complete computers out of scrap and have enough spare parts to last me a lifetime. Nothing like the feeling of playing a good old game on an old machine.... yup, I know, I'm a nostalgic.

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A superb old game. It comes from a time when developers took pride in their work and made awesome games that would engage the player in a way not many modern games can. Amazing story, graphics, sound and of course, gameplay. I have been playing this game since it came out and will probably keep playing it.