Opinion of gamer that was brought back to MMOs

User Rating: 9 | Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures PC
So I played WoW once upon a time. It got old within a few months and I let my subscription go out. Fast forward a few years, and I decided to get AoC mostly to test out my new computer.

It's been three months and it's been a pleasant surprise. The combat is the selling point here. It's as dynamic and fun as you can get for an MMO. The combo system works great, and the game forces you to plan out a little of your attack instead of the traditional run in and spam your most powerful attacks. The classes are pretty evenly balanced (mostly Sins seem a little underpowered IMO), and the leveling is relatively painless.

The community is very active and it's not that hard to get into a group. Join a guild, there are good quest only available in guilds. There is actually a pretty decent storyline for all you solos out there too.

Admittedly it could have been better in some respects, quest that take you to other zones are a little annoying because certain zones are harder to reach then others. Also the professions are shallow, but I honestly never could get into professions anyway. If you do PvP servers, there seems to be no penalty to attacking lower level plays so be prepared to get killed a few times. I play PVE myself and enjoy that immensely. Well that's all I got, hope to see you on.