Bait & Switch

User Rating: 3.5 | Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures PC
I would not even recommend this game to my worse enemy,..Yah the game has great graphics and sound, but that is where it ends. I have been playing since launch and i must say that the first 20 levels was great. But once you leave the noob island that where you notice all its flaws INCLUDING Funcom's lack of communication.

1.) Stats on gear are broke.
2.) Crafting system is a joke and also broke.
3.) Petition system is pretty much none existant, after 4 hours your petition will be auto deleted and chances of a GM answering your petition withing the 4 hours is next to none. Even IF you do happen to get a hold of one by some merical they cant help you.
4.) Most the classes are broke.
5.) Getting any response from a Dev or anything on the forums about critical issues is none existant.
6.) The EU servers have a RP-PVE server but the US servers do not.
7.) Guild citys are broke.
8.) PvP is broke.
9.) Sieges are broke.
the game is missing loads of content, meaning there is a huge lack of quests forcing players to have to resort to grinding for 10+ lvl's throughtout the 1-80 lvl range.
10.) The harvesting system is broke and is a huge grind fest.
11.) Character feats are broke.
12.) Invisable walls every where.
13.) Very linier game.
14.) Loads of PvP spawn campers.
15.) Memory leaks galore,crashes and BSOD.
16.) The UI is something that looks like it was made for a game 10 years ago.
17.) You try and solo a elite boss that is 20+ lvl's below you he will still kill you,..grey bosses scale with the players lvl.
18.) There patches since release have been a joke, they have not addressed the serious issues of the game, only nurfed everything and change stuff that is not even broke, Also there patches break TONS more stuff.
19.) NO DX10 as stated on the retail box.
20.) All the gear pretty much looks the same from lvl 1-80.

I can continue to go on but im to tired to,..all-in-all this game was nothing but hype with absolutly no substance to it once you leave the noob area. I would highly recomend passing on this game! And chances are it will continue to be a huge failure just like "Anarchy Online", hence why that game is free to download and free to play!