Pick the enemy out of the sky.

User Rating: 10 | After Burner ARC
Not the first arcade air fighting game, but one of the best.

You play as a fighter pilot beset by waves of Migs and other craft, as you hurry to complete missions during the day and at night. Your first assignment is to get the hang of the lock-on system. When you focus on an enemy fighter, the view range turns red, which means you can't miss. But hurry, the opponents have a nasty habit of diving out of sight just before you can score a blast on them.

Your craft is fairly versatile, able to pitch, yaw, turn and flip. You will have to master all these complicated skills in order to locate various targets. Other rounds have you taking down air-to-air missiles, air craft carries and land-based gun towers. Watch your altitude, though-- the trees loom ever below.

There's also the distinct treat of refueling in midair. Every few rounds, a supply plane will seek you out and replenish the stocks of your craft.

Save the country, and yourself.