does it play like fzero x ? find out in my review

User Rating: 3.2 | AeroGauge N64
the gameplay is simple drive futuristic cars around a few tracks and race 3 laps or more this is more of a mixed expierence and it is a ok game but it is not that good \\ graphics are not that baD IT does look a bit choppy compared to fzero x and wipe out 3 (psx) the sound is good but i like fzeros better some of the music is great some is poorly implemented not to worry though the value is the worst cateo gory no new cars or tracks as i said a few tracks and 6 cars this is not fzero do not think it bottom line unless this is the very last n64 game you havent bought get it ( i doubt youll have em all) there are better games in this genre so you can pass this right up (thank god youll only run into it at eb or gamestop)