Rolling the spheres is way harder than it needs to be.

User Rating: 8.5 | Aeon Flux PS2
I am a huge fan of Aeon Flux from way back. (Was thrilled to see it as an instant play on NetFlix) so I finally dug up a copy for my PS2 and fired it up.

The controls are a bit wonky but once you complete the tutorial level they become second nature. With one exception. There are a number of levels where you have to use Aeon's little robot spheres around these obstacle courses to trip switches and blow things up. The controls for this are way too hard for my taste.

The fighting and shooting controls are easy to use and the jumping and bungie jumping that Aeon does a lot of are harder but not impossible.

Other than that I really like this game. Its lots of fun and sort of a cross between the anime and the live action movie. I say this because like in the Anime Aeon dies a lot and just seems to regenerate.