Very stylistic, action packed, and entertaining, that's why we play games right?

User Rating: 9 | Aeon Flux PS2
Can't say too much for the graphics or the overall gameplay, but this game will keep you intrigued and entertained, it is not boring or dull, and is very big on style and looking cool when you fight, do stunts, and even walk or run!
I started playing with a grain of salt, and immeadiatly became lost in the inventive world and story Aeon Flux presents players. Anything i did in the game was showcased in slow motion, and speed streaks, like watching a movie. Aeon's fight moves are as impressive as they are deadly, especialy sliding across the floor on her kness as she lays back firing her automatic gun at an offscreen target. The targeting system is phenominal, you automatically fire at the closest target with out having to press a button to do so, and you can combine fight moves with gun fire, which provides a very efficiant and unique fighting style. Every dollar was worth it!
I really recommend playing it!