Acrobatic Coolness!

User Rating: 8.2 | Aeon Flux XBOX
Aeon Flux is a refreshing side-step from the piles of games sitting on store shelves. From the sharp and colorful environments, to the great attention to character detail, I knew from the first moment my XBox inhaled this disc and the first screens kissed my eyes, I was in for a real treat!

Aeon is by no means similar to any other character out there right now, and if you find one similar to her, it's because she obliged as model. Her every movement is fluid and acrobatic, giving her a very cool way of fighting and moving about her world. Nothing is as cool as making Aeon slide across the ground on her knees while she simultaneously shoots her enemies one by one, using the games superb aiming system.

This game IS a bit challening and some may find some of levels downright frustrating, but surely, any frustrating area will give any gamer a sense of might once you have finally figured out just how to get through that frustration.

The only drawbacks were that lack of being able to zoom closer to Aeon and the other characters. Everything either appeared small or became small-ER. I also noticed some control problems when jumping from one platform (or pole) to another, but nothing to cry about.

Overrall, If you like a great futuristic-style game, and are as big a fan of Aeon Flux as I am, know for sure that this game rocks and is worth every penny and all the time you will spend playing through it. Enjoy!