The game is fun and fluid; it's a good buy.(or rent)

User Rating: 8.1 | Aeon Flux PS2
you get a free movie pass.
It's not as awesome a story as the show, but that isn't what a video game from a cartoon is nescessarily like. They use a different story from comic books or cartoons just like they do in movies.

The game is a little jumpy..the missions are random sometimes, but the story pulls together.

the movie was great. It was so exciting and fluid.
The graphics are good and the controls (although a little retarded at times)
work like water. You feel like you're in the action, and you want to move like she does. The voice acting is great, and so is the action. The game is fun and not too complicated, but challenging at times.

IT's a good buy, or rent.

and I recommend it if you like aeon flux.