Confusious say... Whu?

User Rating: 5.5 | Aeon Flux PS2
Ok, I'm a noob.... and I know I am alone in this (probably).

But after playing Aeon Flux, which was the first game I bought, I was disappointed and actually hurt by the ending. Too much time and effort for a 10 secong closing episode? Ouch..

The colors are bright, yes, But the depth of the game seems on the verge of 2D. The fighting movements are cool, and they add style to the game, once you learn them. I was beginning to think I was too old to play PS2, but once again, the ending proved it wasn't me, it was the game. I about shot the TV screen at one point when directing my ORB. The ORBs were the most difficult part of the game. I had to cut back on the caffiene, which wasn't cool. I started to wonder if I was playing a game or being trained for an actual combat mission, but that only added to the overall "brainwashed" sub-story of the game.

If you are not an Aeon Flux fan, I can see where it would be easy to get lost in the storyline. Reading the instruction book will fill in any gaps that you are confused about. I like Aeon Flux, and still got confused at times, so don't feel bad. I haven't seen the movie yet (and have been told not to), but the game falls between the series timeline and the movie timeline.

I read one review that made a pretty good observation about Aeon Flux looking like Charlize Theron, and realized that the game should have made her look like the original Aeon Flux, maybe that would have added a couple of points.

This game could have been done better, like, by Sony. Put the team who developed God of War on it. Someone needs to do Aeon Flux justice.