I waited how long for Aeon Flux to get her dues... And this is what we receive for years of dedication!?!?!

User Rating: 5 | Aeon Flux PS2
How can I word this title without hurting my pride and showing my age? Since the mid-90's I was obsessed with Aeon Flux. I thought it was the most interesting and creatively confusing animated series to grace American shores. Around 1999 - 2000I heard there was a game in production based on the show. This never materialized. Now, 2006, we get a movie based on the series (which was TERRIBLE) and this hunk of junk game which makes me want to forget everything I believe in...
Here is my review...

You are Aeon Flux, super agile, super sexy, super clunky.
The controls in this game are some of the worst I’ve used in forever. she runs so fast and moves so quick that you will miss alot of jumps and end up dying alot. There isn't a penalty for dying, except your combo meter goes to 0. The combo system worked like how it was suppose to. You kick and punch the enemy till they die, than do a "finisher" when the enemy is in red. There was a few different finishers, but by the time the enemy died, I needed to do "Square + L" to recharge my heath, no targeting, means no switching between foes.
Now, more indebt on the combat. You will be repeatedly smashing the triangle and square buttons whilst attempting combos. Your gun doesn’t do that much damage nor is there a reliable targeting system. The camera isn't very nice to her either. You will be shooting ridiculously off-screen, cause the camera doesn’t follow and since you can't correctly target, just fire away, you may hit something and maybe even kill and enemy or 2!
Thought, all buttons are used, by the time you get to the second section of the tutorial, you would have forgotten everything you learned in the first half.

Even if this wasn't an Aeon Flux game, I couldn't tell you what’s going on. For a synopsis, go read the instructional manual, they give you a breakdown.

I can say that the graphics were pretty good. Being a fan of the original series, it's nice to see that the character designs (except for Aeon) were based off the original animated series. The Bregna gaurds wear the helmets and the blue / gold armor, Trevor looks more like Trevor, and Sithandra (that assassin with the hands for her feet) is finally back to her true form! I felt nostalgic!
It's a shame that everything is set in fast forward mode and you can't enjoy anything else but Aeon's glowing red dotted back. The combos come off looking cool, especially when you finish them off, which I can enjoy, cause the game does slowdown to show you how cool it is to kill! I wish the rest of the game slowed down...

Eh, the music in this game sucked. The opening tutorial stages had music that sounded similar to another Majesco title... hmmm, it had to do with psychic camp and a counselor with disco on her mind. Did you guess it yet? I just couldn't get passed how much it was similar to that. The FX were lame and the other music besides "tutorial" were just industrial-syth music. Nothing special...

You can collect information blocks called fletchers, or something like that. The replayability is really only caught for the extras. I.E. costumes, movies, stills, ect. Most of these are unlocked with simple cheats, available on this site! Whilst other "costumes" aren't able through this process, some will leave you scratching your head on who or what their are (one of the costumes is a blockheaded man with a long sword... I wonder) anyway, that is the extent of the replayability.

Not worth you putting down 30 bucks to own this title.
If you need to play this terrible tie-in game trying renting it first!
You can thanks me later!