One of the worst games in recent memory.

User Rating: 1.3 | Aeon Flux PS2
Land of the Dead was rated one of the worst games of last year, but this takes the cake by far. I actually enjoyed Land of the Dead (well, as much as one can) but Aeon Flux is down right awefull.

Gameplay: The controlls are horendous. They're very jumpy and it's hard to be as precise as they want you to be. The fighting is repedative and gets extremely old very quickly.

Graphics: They didn't take as much care in the character models as they could have. This was obviously a very low budget game designed to turn a profit by appealing to the lowest common denominator of gamers.

Sound: The soundtrack is down right bad. The sound effects are either, nonexistant, or replicas. Guns sound exactly the same.

Value: Even if you are the most hardcare gamer on the face of the planet; even if you followed Aeon Flux for your whole life and worshiped the show from day one to the present; even if you love Charleze Theron, this game is not worth playing under any curcumstance.