how did this get a better rating then runescape?

User Rating: 3 | AdventureQuest Worlds WEB
ill keep this short...biggest wow rip off currently to date. sure its good if you cant afford wow but on the other hand over 50% of content you need to pay for. not to mention they come out with a new game every year. combat is ripped off of wow. the corny text is just...terrible...worst humor since runescape. game is ridiculously hard. leveling takes about as long as wow. they have a boring storyline which seems to run in loops and always ends up with you killing some boss. its sad how this game got a 7.4 while runescape got a least runescape is a real game. this partially shows that this game is over rated.

bottom line: fun if you don't mind repetition, storyline, realistic acting, good graphics, copied game ideas, over priced and rather annoying items, over expensive membership/dragon amulet or whatever they call it now, fun quests, players who understand how to play a game, slow updates, having to pay for a new game every year.

well i said i was going to keep it short but thats as far as ill go for listing.