Adventure Quest Worlds total boring ass you have ever played in your life it's kinda fun also sometimes you have too bec

User Rating: 2 | AdventureQuest Worlds WEB
if you play this game it's gonna make you sick the boss pretty hard you have too need other online players if your account isn't full member the weapon's just normal and armor too if you become a full member it's gonna waste your credit card it's up too the player to play. and sometimes every months there will be extra weapons or armor or many stuff but sometimes good items is for full members if you play this game is pissed but kids will enjoy it. Level up to max: 1 - 30 if you r level 30 you still can't defeat your previous boss still need help from online player. you can pick class such as warrior, mage, rouge, healer, ninja, paladin, dragon slayer, shaman, and more in the start we can pick 4 class Warrior, Mage, Healer, and Rouge. The other class some of them are for members Warrior = Great damage and deffense, Mage = using magic, Rouge = Dodge enemy all the time (sometimes get hit), Healer = healing spells. I Prefer Paladin but is for full member only, Dragon slayer is free but the attacks are for dragons very effective if to a normal foe it won't effect also there is rustbucket class (machine) if you wan't too have this class follow mission from people if you get lost check the book of lore it will lead you too the story mission I prefer you join friends too play this because is so very hard