It sucked, it is decent now.

User Rating: 7 | AdventureQuest Worlds WEB
AQW recently got a new version, 1.0, meaning that it improved, and I must admit I hated this game, but this new version is lovely, it's still missing things though so thats the reason why I give it a 7.0, before, this game was a laughing matter (Still has 7 year old jokes though...). But now, it is a little more respectable due to this new update, it actually is taking more shape and I am looking forward to more of this, it still is a grinding machine though! but hey, It looks way better now, you should try it, it can become really addicting and it can become a challenge now! If this is only Version 1.0 then Later Versions will make it Massive! I will be keeping my eye on this one! Still though, 19$ for 3 months... ain't really a good deal, it's a flash game, maybe 5$ a month? But give it a try, it is good now, it just has those pathetic 7 year old jokes.