Dictatorship gone bad.

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Artix Entertainment are now releasing names of players that have violated their terms and conditions by having banned members names flashed upon their gaming screen.

This is the worse "Tit for Tat" childish unprofessional PR botch up to date by AE team.

Having banned clients that violated Terms and conditions isn' enough to AE, they are out for blood - by inciting a Lynch mob riot.

Any correspondence AE has between themselves and their clients should remain private and confidential - not so ... judging from AE team.

Banned clients may have violated T&C, but what does this have to do with the remaining client base. There's no need to air out your dirty laundry AE for all to view.

AE do have a turn out of players whose accounts have been restored due to some players hacking their accounts and using cheat codes of which clients have written in to have this sorted, yet .... it is to late to undo the damage AE have put in place by adding their name publicly to their gamming site. Damage done.

This is the worse PR I've seen in recent times in the gaming sector.

They run their forums like a dictatorship...used to be a great, friendly place. Now they ban or warn you for every little thing.

Talk about taking candy from babies, wow, really AE.

Got to wonder if this is legal.http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=19136387