VERY addicting

User Rating: 7.5 | AdventureQuest Worlds WEB
well, if your reading this review and you havent done any quests in aqw yet, dont even bother. WARNING: the sheer content of this game will kill your social life. hahaha, just kidding. This game is the best MMO on the web to date (itried em all, runescape ruined the genre, USED to like sherwood dungeon) heres an overview of the game:
Plot-pretty hilarious... in a 9 yr old sorta way. ah, hell, the plot sucks. but, does runescape have a plot? i didnt think so
Graphics- u cant expect an mmo to have 10/10 graphics lol. i'd say... comparing to other paper graphic games... LQ=5/10, medium Quality= 7/10
HQ = 10/10
variety=40 weapons a month... plus armors, helmets, capes and so on
Worthness=$50 a yr is... okay i guess... price i rate a 7/10 bcs being a member is almost UBER lol.
gameplay=Addicting... like really... 12/10
audio=3/10 i hate the music on it lol
addicts people who are either AE fanboys or just the casual internet gamer
OVERALL=7/10-best in its genre... but thats not sayimg much