AQW is all flash and no substance. The game is known as a "Show Pony" game.

User Rating: 1.5 | AdventureQuest Worlds WEB
Name:- AQW Adventure Quest Worlds.
Publisher: Artix Entertainment
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: 1 vs 1 - 4 vs 4
Filesize: Browser

AQW was released in 2008. The game had substance and was quite a good mmorpg game.

To date, 2012, AQW has lost all credibility. AQW started sliding downhill late 2009. Fro there the game just kept spiraling downwards. Majority of reviews given by other players are inexperienced that can't distinguish the difference between gaming and shopping.

Reasons why AQW shouldn't be played as a P2P player or non member AC player.

1) Reason
73 classes in AQW + 23 Skills in AQW = AQW copy and paste 23 skills between 73 classes.

Sorry folks, but AE devs will either change the skill icon of a previous skill, and or the name of the skill and add this to a new class. Meaning the skills damage and animation execute the same.

Most would complain when the classes are free and have clone skills. AQW does not only offer free classes they also offer classes that can only be brought with real world monies meaning ACs

Alot of players in this game are young, and don't know technical side of the game. I think it's a shame that AE would target the most vulnerable.

2) Reason
Show Pony. AE devs created a armor called playas armor. This came with no stats. It wasn't going to make you extremely stronger then other players, instead it was made to make you look priddy. How much did this aesthetic look cost. $19 US dollars. Just to look priddy. There are allot of armors/weapons/items out there that cost an extreme amount of money, that does not enhance players to super status. Instead AE take on this is ... It's a anniversary item and is going rare.

3) Reason
Servers. There are 17 servers that spread the gaming population thin. Thats a hang of allot of servers. (looking at reason 4)

4) Reason
Unlimited room options. I joined yulgar - 99999? That's crazy. There are so many options to join different rooms for example yulgar it's a wonder why the game looks deserted in mob areas.

So along with 17 servers you have a unlimited number of rooms to join. alot of players cannot find players to help them fight bosses, because of the 17 servers and unlimited room numbers, its a wonder why most people spend more time at yulgars inn standing there, then playing the game itself.

Members vs AC buyers. This has always stumped me. The majority of aqw forum users are "Yes Men" members get the privilege to have over sized armors and weapons, so far so good.

But when non member AC buyers start complaining about the krappy items they get in this game, their posts are deleted. Non member AC players spend more acs then members. So why does AE continually make armor for NoN member AC buyers that look like free player items. NoN member AC buyers are the ones that do not reap any benefits when buying ACs. Still looks like free player items.

Non member AC buyers do not get pets like members. Instead, AE have made AC pets that equip as capes? Capes. Come on AE, It seems that AE is doing it's best to discourage non member AC buyers

6) Reason
Lag. Quests do not save if you lag and the game boots you out. I spent half an hour trying to kill a boss only to get logged out when the boss HP was at 800 hp. The had 100,000 HP Really gutted.

7) Reason
Hide and Show. AE have made some really over the top huge armors, swords, wings, pets. The problem with this, is the size. When your farming killing mobs, these over the top huge armors/weapons/items block mobs. You can't use your skills to kill mobs when your in a group as mobs stay onscreen for mere seconds, and skills take longer to cycle through. AE refuses to acknowledge this issue and deletes posts when players complain. They need a option to show and hide all wings, capes, pets, in this case, weapons as well. Just so hard to kill mobs when all these oversized items get in the way

Weekly releases is a joke. Majority of items are so poorly made, that they are not equipped. Unsue why AE persist in making silly items like taco heads and cotton bud staff. Everything members is just show pony priddy and does nothing but glow.

afk. Really hate this. You have to go room surfing? AE have allot of players that like to go AFK in boss rooms. They will sit there and pretend to be AFK, but when the mob boss is almost dead, they suddenly come back into the game and kill when boss is about to die.

Another issue with this is that allot of rooms in the game is like this, so you have to keep changing your room number to find a active player base.
Join Desoloth -89
join Desoloth -43

That's all you do, is search and search for active playerbase. The game will automatically put you in the lowest available room number ...but if you try to leave you will get this (see reason 10)

10) Reason
You cannot join a room you already in _ _ _
I really hate this message. I have to join a different named room just to get to Desoloth. The game won't let you join another Desoloth , otherwise you get the above message.

Join Desoloth -23
join yulgar
join Desoloth 2
join yulgar etc.... ......

11) Reason
Quest window drops. Dang, the window prompts for quest related items is really large that pops up in the middle of the screen. Worse thing is that they can stack. So the whole of the middle of your screen will be blocked by quest windows. Only way to get rid of them is to click yes and or no to accept item, the downside is, if you click to much, you will get booted from game? Makes no sense to me. So be careful when you accpet multiple quests.

12) Reasonbr />
Clone Pets.
One of the most cloned pets in AE is dark wolf. remade and renamed
Arcan Wold
Hate Wolf
Unicorn wolf
black wolf
dire wolf
undead wolf
wolf of war
spirit wolf

way to many. Same wolf that's been recolored and or patterns added. They use the same template over and over again.

13) Reason
Guilds/ AQW community is one of the noobest community online. The Forums is a joke. AE implemented guilds several months back? How does this work?

You do 6 quests, 3 members and 3 non members? All you get is a member armor/cape/sword and or a non member armor/cape/sword ? thats it.
When asking AE why they call this guilds, the community jumps in and say ...they are only a small team and they are making a warehouse.?

AQW rare is overdone. Rare is so common, it's lost it's appeal to players. AQW have 100s of rares which is why a lot of players have stopped collecting them. Too much rares it's common.

15) Genre
The genre for this game is all over the place. Fantasy, sci-fi, disney, holloween, marachi, candy, slender, christmas, candian day, grid iron etc...

This suffers horribly with the miss matched classes and armors in this game. It's like AQW has absorbed all movie themes, music themes, game themes and holidays, sci-fi etc ...

It's evident when looking at other players and their armors that for new players, not sure what generic theme this game offers.

Valid reasons not to play as a p2p player and or buy ACs.

I always wonder why AE don' t comment on threads like this, but instead get their forum moderators to delete them. Still other outstanding issues with this game, but I'm not here to write a book on it.

The game clones to many pets, armors, weapons skills, and expect people to buy allot of those items with ACs.

The player base is spread so thinly, that despite the complaints over the years, AE continue to ignore feedback from clients.

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