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For over 11 years AQ has been bringing weekly updates to the interwebz. During this first decade a great many villains, heroes, and monsters paraded their way across the screen, and the Chosen of Lore, rose up to take their place in legend. The new chapter has now begun, and its focus is very squarely on the Chosen, what it means to have that title, what the future of Lore will be, ahd the choices of the Chosen that bring the world to that future. Choices and the aftermath of those choices, is what AQ is now about. The Edge of Extinction war, just completed was a strong example of this, with the entire development structure of two classes and the fabric of lore itself altered by the decisions that were made. Right now AQ is in a recruitment drive as part of our Refer-A-Friend challenge: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21114271 Join now and then get your friends to join for some exciting new bonuses. Also stay tuned for details of a coming contest with some very epic rewards.