So what if a game makes you a warrior that looks like a square? Adventure is the pinnacle of the retro adventure genre.

User Rating: 8 | Adventure 2600
Adventure on the Atari 2600 was simply a masterpiece during its time. Released in the 1970s, your square had to trek through castles and dungeons, all the while slaying duck-like dragons, to retrieve the holy chalice and return it to your home castle.
Though the graphics on the 2600 were primitive, Adventure still was enjoyable to watch. You, the square, is controlled by the joystick and is only able to pick up one item at a time, which was pretty innovative compared to the inventory stash of other games. This also made it slightly difficult, because the dragons can only be killed with the sword, which looks like an arrow. Also like the graphics, sound is another aspect of Adventure that is severely lacking. The common blips of the era flooded the game.
The real difficulty factor of Adventure comes into play with the bat. This creature relentlessly roams the world, picking up items and switching them with others. It could also take the item that you are carrying and swap it with a live or dead dragon.
Adventure is a great start to the genre. It had a rudimentary story and classic gameplay that has kept it alive for so long. Plus, it contained the first ever Easter egg.