Adventure: Adventuring down memory lane

User Rating: 8 | Adventure 2600
Adventure for the Atari 2600 is what many have described as "the first action adventure ever". And indeed, after I've played it does indeed feel like an action adventure. It has sold over a million copies, making it the seventh best selling Atari 2600 game.

The game tells the tale of a knight who has to find the enchanted golden chalice, which has been hidden away in a kingdom by an evil magician. To do this, you must search for keys and slay dragons.

It is a nice game indeed, if you are feeling nostalgic or simply want to taste a piece of the past. The game has some bugs and it doesn't have the x-factor to make me play the game hours at a time. The game does have some bugs in it. Some of them make the game impossible to play. For example, there is a bug at the highest difficulty setting. This bug sometimes hides a key in an inaccessible room, thus preventing you from completing the game.
The game is however known to have the first Easter-egg. This Easter-egg is placed in a secret room, and it shows the name of the creator of the game(Atari didn't allow any credits in the game).

All in all a nice game for nostalgia, cool to play once in a while, but it doesn't entangle you for long. It is of course a retro game, and it isn't comparable to modern games and standards. Taking this into account, I still award the game an 8 for its innovativity.