I got this on my black atari game!!!

User Rating: 7 | Adventure 2600

Adventure(tm) Is the best Atari 2600 game in the world. First, you gotta get the lost Golden cup take the golden cup to the yellow castle in win. An Atari game like this makes action wonderful to the Atari series and worth buying. I played other Atari games like Pac-man or racing cars before. I also played this game on a site called Newgrounds on a game and that game was horrible. The graphics, the background, and stuff was the same, but the game on it was horrible. The square was moving to slow for a reason than the Atari version. This Atari version was the best, but don't play the game on Newgrounds. If you do, you would have lost your mind. You can play the Atari one. The Atari one was the best. Everything also looks right. And is great foor relaxing your body. Buy the Atari 2600 (tm) to play this game.