Quit comparing this to Halo!

User Rating: 8.5 | Advent Rising PC
I just completed this game. Proof: Hidden ending! I've played all the Halo games and Advent Rising has SOME similarities but so much of this game is unique. I just don't understand all the complaints. This was as much fun to play as any game I've ever played and with over 500 games in my collection, I've played most of them. Whether it was flying a ship, driving a dune buggy or learning new skills, I never got bored once and looked forward to every level. Sometimes the story got a little blurry but it really didn't matter if you knew where it was headed.....just enjoy the journey. Only once did the bugs come out.....final battle threw me INTO a wall and embedded me. Would have really liked a sequel and absolutely would have purchased it. By the way: I might be the oldest gamer at almost 66. My reflexes are beginning to slow down a bit as I now have to play on "normal."