With this story, graphics, soundtrack and gameplay, it's easy to forgive the stupid controls and poor level design.

User Rating: 8.5 | Advent Rising PC
As I wander through the world massacring the Seekers in 100+1 ways, I call myself "god", I'm invincible, with the pair of my long legs I lead the way for my friends, who never really get into any action with me, but they do pose with me a bit in the cutscenes, so that they gain some story importance. I run around in a visually gorgeous world, without a single flaw, and I smudge its lands with fallen reptiles and desperately weak robots, simply because I can and because it is the whole point of this game. But it's also VERY fun to do all of this. Really, despite an idiotic manipulation with everything (I smell some console origins), the guy with the glasses behind the screen just couldn't put me away. My name is Gideon Wyeth, and today I shall show you through what may seem as a quite primitive game, what is it like to be a demigod. I'll show it to you real fast (We'll be done in like 5 hours, sorry), bu trust me, you won't regret a minute of it. Besides, our tour will be accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, so next to the already mentioned graphical beauty, your ears will also be pleased more than enough. Oh and for a little spoiler (that means you should stop reading now unless you've already finished the game), the game doesn't end with the ending credits. Oh no it doesn't. Consider it a friendly warning.

+ Story, graphics, fun gameplay throughout, the player does feel like a demigod now and then, the ending credits and what follows...

- Stupid controls, bugs, level design is plain bad at times, it's too short, it's too easy (except for those moments that are a bit harder just because of the controls), basically a primitive game concept