Doesn't live up to its potential.

User Rating: 6.5 | Advent Rising XBOX
The game opens up with a scene where you, Gideon Wyatt, are piloting a ship into a docking bay. At first, I thought that it was a movie sequence and crashed, dying within the first minute of the game. A personal record, I might add.

I was blown away by the opening, it went far beyond expectations. Civilians stood around conversing with eachother (I had fun standing around and eavesdropping on them) and I liked how everything was going.

Unfortunately, the story went downhill real fast. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't what I'd hoped.

The combat was pretty fun, albeit very easy. Not so much early on with gun fighting and unarmed, but when Gideon develops Jedi-like powers he pretty much wastes everybody.

Yes, he does have supernatural powers that are Jedi-like (Star Wars). In fact, some of them are a lot like the Force Unleashed and I wonder if Lucas Arts played Advent Rising to get an idea of how some of the Force powers would work?

Regardless, I actually thought the powers, while less advanced, were cooler in this game.

All of the powers (as well as his jumping and unarmed fighting) can be leveled up, adding an RPG element to it, which I thought was snazzy.

One problem I had with the game (and this annoyed me to no end) was the very low voice volume (I tried turning it up but it didn't help much). The other effects were just too overpowering, and no subtitles either.

Another thing was the explosion effects. They royally sucked.

Other than that, it was a fairly good game that I think deserved a sequel, though sadly I don't think it will get one.

The Good
*Awesome powers
*I really liked the opening part...
*Fun combat
*Pretty interesting characters (too bad most of the ones I liked died)

The Bad
*Gideon is WAY overpowered
*Poor explosion effects
*I didn't like the way the story went at all.

The Just Plain Ugly
*Poor sound control

Graphics: Not too shabby, though some of the effects could have used some work. (7.5)
Gameplay: Very fun, though too easy. (7.5)
Sound: Very unbalanced, (5.5)
Story: Not my favorite, but it wasn't that bad. (6)
Replayability: Not very high, in my opinion. (6)
Overall: 6.5

I saw so much potential for Advent Rising... Unfortunately it doesn't live up to it.