*WOW* In all the reviews I have ever read on GAMESPOT, this is by far the most BIZARRE, UNFAIR AND UNTRUE review EVER!

User Rating: 9.7 | Advent Rising PC
What was this reviewer thinking...or...drinking? The game is certainly NOT SHORT, it is loooong! Too easy? He HAD to be using CHEATS! It is not the least bit easy, and the strategic maps are excellent. There is even a map similar to the Normandy invasion, only with laser artillery!

Have we become so jaded? The story, though based on a much over used premise of an invasion of the earth (or human populated planet) has truly been exhausted, but the alien politics, the twists, the turns, the spies and fifth columnists make this a truly enjoyable and even believable story (though the aliens look like tall fish-creatures).

The story is 1000% better than the much bally-hooed INDEPENDENCE DAY! The aliens are smart, have a believable agenda for WHY they want to exterminate humans (unlike in Independence Day's alien cock-roaches).

It is spiced with drama, a little sexual tension and the cockiness of a main star that suffers from (TCS) Tom Cruise Syndrome (cockiness), so much so that he actually gets on the friendly aliens nerves.

The script is both funny, yet dramatic, serious and tense. What would it take for this reviewer to not be impressed with such a well carried out and extremely AMBITIOUS plot, to say that is not worth buying? Does he have a grudge with someone over at the development house? Because his review is like he reviewed some other game, not Advent Rising.

Sure the graphics could have been a bit more ANTI-ALIASED, but the artwork itself is absolutely mesmerizing in both style, color, depth and sheer grandioseness (epic size of some of the structures).

The action never lets up, but when it does, its a nice breather and more often than not humorous or something dramatic to carry you into the next phase of fighting to keep the human race from becoming extinct.

The evil aliens are not just jump out at you Doom-like aliens, but have a purpose, and the MAKE YOU ANGRY!!!

I found nothing more satisfying than picking them up with my spiritual-psychic abilities and throwing them over a cliff or out into space - REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED ...COLD! And the explosions are extremely well done. I especially enjoyed the escape from the planet during an asteroid shower - AWESOME!

The heroines are both smart and sexy, with just enough female bravado and attitude to make you like them.

Sure homeboy's legs look weird when you first meet him, I had a good laugh at them also, like always riding a horse, but once the story gets going, you are so busy moving, running, jumping, shooting or using your other abilities that you will rarely see him standing in that odd pose for too long - if so - he's about to be dead!

All in all, what a phenomenal HUGE and EPIC story and game.

My biggest disappointment of my Advent Rising experience was actually reading GameSpot's horribly biased and unfair review - FOR SHAME GAMESPOT - FOR SHAME.! You need to get someone else to check on this reviewers review, because it truly discredits and otherwise "credible" review staff.