A good war game that is an addictive challenge for anyone who has it!

User Rating: 9.5 | Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS
After I got Advance Wars 1, I had lots of fun with it. So I decided to see if there were any others for a DS, and into my thoughts comes Dual Strike. There was one problem, though. No stores were seeming to have Advance Wars: Dual Strike. I searched recklessly, until I turned to Amazon.com. I got it there for $30.99 plus S&H. It turned out to be 100 times the fun for the short wait. Here are the pros and cons.

+ New Tag System adds twist to battles (Except when Rachel is with Koal)
+ New Combat Mode (No waiting for your friend to finish his turn)
+ Can still play 4P games on one DS
+ Add-on skills (So you can make Colin's prices even cheaper)
+ Enough to keep you playing for a long time
+ Test your skill under limits in Survival (Can you win 11 battles in 25 min.?)
+ Over 25 playable characters (And yes, they are very unique)
+ Over 20 different units ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Story could be better (Most of it was cool, though like before Muck Amok)
- Huh? What? There are no other cons! (I mean it)

So go already and save Omega Land!