oh my god , its soo sloow!

User Rating: 7.5 | Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS
i love tactical stratagies. but then again who doesnt? well if this was your first and you didnt well.... i can see why To be honest i really can....

i think i will start of with the good then go into more deph review

+ 300 medals is alot and will keep you busy,
+ animation will make you smile and is top notce
+ designing your own map is alway fun
+ troops are full of charater and you feel sad if they die

okay and the bad...

- they go on for hours, i know how to battle and i dont care about weaknesses!
- a little to much story (which i didnt understand) and not enough straight into battles though luckaly it is skippable
- it is sometimes pretty stressfull
- the AI takes so long to do anything and you cant skip it

okay i think the story is somewhere along the lines of army attack you defend, do missions, destroy and all of that, but thats the problam! they just keep going on "rachel, there attacking!" and "ill handle this, do you thinks thats wise?". there is so much crap throw into the script it just makes you extremly annoyed you want to snap the stylus, but deep down is an alight war game.

the game is pretty stressfull in the fact that the AI can be slow, but just moving a few feet but with more coming you have to wait and wait, tapping the screen to try and skip it then pressing start.

there are loads of modes which is good, but i like more battles less story and crap-filled cutscenes! granted its the only tactical game on the ds in the UK but then again... the US have luminous ark and Japan have the glorious final fantasy tactics advance 2 curse of the sealgrimsone. the GBA FFTA is very and cheap and is amazing, i recommend that instead.

- mureth