Great strategy game,well balanced and good story line

User Rating: 9.5 | Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS
Now this is one game i'll never get tired of. it's just GreaT, tons of CO's to select, lots of units, possibility to personalise your CO's clothes and skills.... First time i tried it i didn't quite get it, it seemed impossible to learn how to play it... But after a few hours i realised that it was as simple as it could be! It didn't take long before i got good at it, but it was still challenging. The CO's default skills are well balanced as well as the CO powers and no one is unbeatable... The Tag Powers probably are as good as they're bad, because it will help you big time in a tight situation,or ruin all your plans in no time... There is a big variation in the scenarios, everything from grass fields, desert, snow, mountains, wasteland or sea. The weather also plays an important role, for example: rain. This is probably the thing i hate most.... it causes fog of war and -1 in visibility... of course when you've played a bit you can choose the eagle eye skill which will give you +2 visibility. Long story short: This game is the best turn based strategy game i've ever played, so if you haven't played it....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!??